give some space for the clean slate

Well it seems that the Concordian, the Link, Hillel and the
ASPER “slate” want to devote all their time to ensuring
the Clean Slate doesn’t win the upcoming CSU election.
It seems by some asinine logic- arcane and cyclic as it
is- that these groups would like to slander without
shame, slinging mud at a slate because it has been
deemed “leftist” in it’s collective ideology. I’d like to
remind these conservative, short-sighted pundits that it
has been “leftist” CSU governments which have brought
Concordia tremendous student services unheard of at
many other institutions. Maybe Brian Derry (the
Concordian, March 19, 2003) would like to come with his
other fellow McGill students and enjoy a free lunch at the
People’s Potato, or cheap organic food at Frigo Vert, or
perhaps shop at the ConU Co-op bookstore. Yes we all
know conservative (“activism second to students”)
student governments are renowned for fighting tuition
increases and standing up for students’ concerns like
jobs and housing. And does anyone honestly think a
“right wing” slate would have had an easier time with
Sept.9th and the ensuing campus cleavages?

Also, I attended the debate in which Noah Sarna claims
Youri Cormier, President of Clean Slate, accused an
audience member of “racism” (the Concordian, March 19,
2003 and the Link, March 18, 2003). This is utter rubbish
and if the Concordian and Sarna would like to view the
video footage I shot of the debate, they are welcome to
the truth. But of course those vehement, mud-caked
words are now emblazoned onto the pages of last weeks
Concordian, for all to see. And after all, those opposing
the Clean Slate aren’t concerned with the truth, but
merely the ephemeral shelf-life of their slander.

Let’s not make this another media circus for the likes of
ASPER and the Derry’s and Sarna’s out there who I
suspect should spend more time constructing positivism
(or doing homework) than dreaming up slander and
blackmail in a desperate attempt to defame a slate that is
n’t lowering itself to such jeuvenile and unprofessional


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