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How the CSU deceives

by Archives March 12, 2003

Concordian Letters

The CSU thinks that violence and prejudice are funny. Unfortunately for it, it’s wrong. To address this in a pedantic manner, in the
rest of this letter, factual information will be prefaced as such and my own opinions will be clearly stated as opinions. For
instance, it is undoubtedly a fact that if we are to reveal the truth about its teachings, then we must be guided by a healthy and
progressive ideology, not by the predatory and petty ideologies that The CSU promotes. It may seem obvious, but The CSU says
that all major world powers are controlled by a covert group of “insiders”. But then it turns around and says that the health
effects of secondhand smoke are negligible. You know, you can’t have it both ways, The CSU. On a closing note, I hope that this
letter, while incomplete, informal, and having no authority except its own inner strength and conviction, has clearly
demonstrated to you that The CSU has figuratively enclosed itself in a secure elitist ghetto.

Arthur Jessop,
Engineering Faculty

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