What a wonderful world

What a joyous and momentous time to be alive. The evil American empire is at it again, “liberating” the Iraqi people, much like when China liberated Tibet many decades ago, to which Tibet countered by asking “liberate us from who and what?”

More good news is coming out of Africa, where millions are dying from starvation and disease…thank god these people are already liberated. And finally, there’s the elections at Concordia, where the various slates are competing for our vote in a race…to the bottom, that is.

I find that EVOLUTIONary times like these require ASPERing FREE THINKERS to assemble in order to have a CLEAN SLATE, where we can begin to forge a NEW VISION of the kind of world we want to live in. If this human RENAISSANCE is achieved, then there won’t be a need to liberate anyone else.

ziad chatila


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