Christian Fellowship and Help Request For Poor,Oprhan Children

Hello !

Dear Brother/Sister in Christ.

Greetings from over here in Pakistan.

Having come to know from reliable source that you are doing the gospel work & Christian fellowship in all over the world. We are interested to have Christian fellowship. We welcome you in Pakistan warmly and open heart for Christian fellowship. I am doing gospel work also. My name is pervaiz Khokhar, I am saved person and baptized the water and filled with Holy spirit by the grace of the Lord Jesus. I am 27 years old and single. I am evangelist and Chairman the preaching society & social welfare services. I want to tell you about our faith that we believe in repent, Baptized in water and filled with Holly spirit. Having come to know from reliable sources that you are doing the Gospel & prayer ministry in all over the world. I know that world wide prayer is very essential now -a-days and need is truly great for the world. We are here in Pakistan doing the gospel work, social welfare work is very pitiable odds on faith and self-support. We want to build the school building and boarding house for the poor, Orphan & homeless Children, free dispensary for poor Christian Community and sewing, knitting center for poor Christian community Women & girls. Here we are running a preaching society and social welfare services on faith and self- support. Under the society we are running a primary School for poor, Orphan and homeless Children. Then we are running the Sunday school for spiritual education among the little Children. So when they grow up become the good witness for the lord our savior. It is our hearty request to you please kindly do an especially prayer so that God open the hearts of any God fearing man and women to help our Society financially for the Glory of the lord Jesus Christ. We truly pray with hope in Jesus Christ that the lord will raise up those who desire to support us in this work. Where we are living People living in very narrow houses with out of health facility. Earning sources are limited. Due to this people are unable to get the medicine .Most of seasonal disease spread in the Villages & Towns and many souls has passed .Then women do the hard labor with their husbands to earn the livings due to this most of women died in a delivery time due to the lack of medicine in urban and rural area in our district. We want to start the mobile dispensary for the poor Christian Community in urban and rural area in our district. In Pakistan the literacy ratio is about 25% in whole country and in our Community of Christian is very low about 2%.Because no any Community is go advance without education. In our Community people are very poor, do their wages with the landlords. Who give them very less wages and they do not spend their lives in good manners. Most of people are under debit. They took their Children and wives with them for labors, and thus the Children are remaining illiterate. Some people are work on the “Bhattah” to make the bricks. The bricks making wages is not enough that they could have good livings. Such kind of people is forced to have their wives and Children to help their parents make the bricks. When the weather is not clear and in the rainy season their work stopped and they are out of the job and income sources are stopped and some days they became without food. They eat what they earn. They could not save any thing and spend for their Children betterment. We are living in such kind of poor people and we have desired to bring them out such kind of circumstances. In such Community, we have collected about hundred Children for their education and start a school for poor Children, but at present we have no place for the Children to sit under shade. The Children sit under the sun. With the wordily education. We preach them the gospel, word of God. So those Children grow in young they became good preacher of the gospel, and they became witness of God. When they get the education then they, became Moses for their family to bring them out from the poverty like in Egypt in old age. Then they have good position in their country. We work this for the glory of lord Jesus, who is our savior, you kindly share in God’s work which we are doing in the poor Children and help us and encourage us to spread, the gospel in such Children. God give his glory through this work. We want to request you that if it is possible for you to donate, donations, charity, Monthly Tithe, any gifts, some financially help our ministry here in Pakistan. Our Joint Bank Account No 1126-8 (National Bank of Pakistan) Jhumra City Branch Faisalabad PAKISTAN. Name of organizations (The Preaching Society & social Welfare Services) please visit our website at .God bless you and take care of you. We are always praying for you and your ministry and family also. Be strong in Christ in faith and God will put His power upon you for His Glory. I am waiting for your reply. We hope in Jesus Christ that you will be co-operate in this matter. May the lord continue to bless you and keep you by His Blood.

Thanks & Regards

Yours in Christ



The Preaching Society & social Welfare Services

Mohallah Rasool Pura Street No 7

Jhumra City 37700

Faisalabad, PAKISTAN

Phone 92-4655-527541

Fax 92-4655-527541

E.Mail:[email protected]

E.Mail:[email protected]


I can’t wait sharing with you my vision and strategies for God’s Kingdom. I am starting a ministry which I want you to be part of. The name is being proposed to be.


This will be an indigenous, self-supporting ministry with the goal of making Christ known and His love and grace felt by those who are lost in sin, the victims of circumstance (wars and Aids) and those affected by the Pakistan and other parts of the World through the unity in diversity in the body of Christ world wide.

The philosophy behind these ministries is to promote self-help projects to carry out Missions as we help ourselves, those around us and those who are helpless in the world

Hence the Ministry will address the need to reach the unreached, touch the untouched and bless the unblessed through the gospel of Christ and what we have in our lands.

Despite the fact of poverty in our nation, we have the potentials, naturally (geographically) physically (health and strength), mentally (knowledge and skills), spiritually (gift and anointing) and enough manpower (ministers and Christians) which is lying redundant within Pakistan in specific which could only be sensitized, motivated and activated both morally and economically to bring about a positive change spiritually and economically in this nation.

So “Together in Christ” will work to meet these challenges by:-

(a) Preaching the gospel of Love through organizing crusades, personal evangelism and helping young evangelists financially to do mission.

(b) Giving financial support to help those victims of circumstance (Aids and wars) to meet their essential basic needs of education materials, food, shelters and medical care,also to help them start small scale self-help projects.

Promoting women initiatives and potentials in their different capacities and gifting by helping them to set family projects like Education, Health, Medical, Gospel work in order to help themselves financially and promote their ministries.

(d) Sensitising the mother on family planning, balance diets and proper care for their malnourished children also helping them to raise small scale project especially on School building and Orphan house to help them economically.

(e) Supporting Pastors and those called to full-time Ministries by training them at our Bible College and giving them education Projects to help them economically.

(f) Support orphans by educating them, providing for them scholastic materials, uni forms and setting for them self-supprot projects Education, Health, Medical, Gospel work etc to make them self – Support.

(g) Helping widows to raise their own income to support themselves and the orphans setting for them small scale self-help Projects like Sewing & Knitting Center for Poor Christian Community Girls, etc.

(h) Providing counseling to Aids Victims through the word, power and love of God to give them hope and to provide them with education materials, food, clothes and medical cares

(I) Setting a pharmacy we call it (Medical Dispensary ) which will be the base for the Ministry and Strengthening my all ministries activities projects which will be as a demonstration plot to train others on self-supports projects.

Thanks again. Please pray with me.

In Jesus Name

Evangelist. Pervaiz Khokhar


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