I am profoundly saddened, disgusted and even depressed with the unjust, illegal and unjustified war on Irak and its people. One would think that being in the XXI century mankind and its leaders were to become wiser, more tolerant and more human.
The Global Bully has decided to flex its muscle, to test its sophisticated and latest weapons upon a quasi-defenceless nation with the pretext of ridding it of its dictator, reason that not many believe outside certain circles.
Most of the coverage of the aggression from ‘The Gazette” and from the Canwest News Service reads more like the view of the spokespeople of the Pentagon, some days the headlines being offensive in its glorification of the attacks. Fortunately there are a couple of journalists that do not toe the line of the Master.
In the press of other cities and countries one can read the condemnations by the Red Cross calling a “true horror” when representatives visited the latest dismembered irakian civilian casualties. The Human Rights Organization denounced the USA for its use of cluster bombs, weapons prohibited by the United Nations; further, Amnesty International asked the American forces to refrain using bombs with depleted uranium, for its known effects on civilian populations, and military forces as well, and its unknown consequences. After its use on the first Gulf War, hundreds of malformed infants were born, “burn semen” is thought to be caused by it and it takes thousand of years for the uranium to finally decay.
The “valiant and courageous” forces of the coalition have dropped, in 10 days, over 8,000 bombs and missiles from vessels hundreds if not thousand of kilometers away and from planes that practically can not be hit from the ground and not counting the thousands of shells from artillery, helicopters, tanks and armoured vehicles. And they consider “terrorist” and “coward” the act of one iraki that blows himself and a few of the invaders !
The string of “faux-pas” by the USA’s administrations acting upon recommendations by their American Intelligence – the maximum oximoron – the creation, and/or arming of dictators and forces, from Saddam Hussein, passing by Noriega, to the Taliban reads more like a comedy festival were not by the human tragedies that have followed.
We have to support our Prime Minister and its government for not being part of the forces that are committing war crimes; I, like the majority of canadians, do not want to be part of it. We have to applaud too the stand taken by the Premier of Quebec and the leaders of the Provincial Liberals and ADQ.
Enrique Lopez-Rasmussen


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