Veronica Tangent in Montreal

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Victoria, BC Artist
Veronica Tangent
O Patro Vys
Wed. June 25

Veronica Tangent is a good example of the British Columbia Invasion currently festering in the music industry.
Like her almost-male counterpoints in Hot Hot Heat (that other BC band in the tight tight pants), Veronica offers a woman’s perspective to the fashionable trend of garagey neo-no-wave-trash-art-rock which typifies the style of today’s insecure uber-cool.

At once reviled (“lame tuneless guitar pop” hissed Vancouver’s Georgia Straight!) and revered (“Your material was deemed so good you have been shortlisted out of 500 entries to [the top 5]”, lauded the CBC before their debut national broadcast on DNTO) by the media, Veronica Tangent has shown consistent placings on national radio charts despite having no real record deal or budget! She has mocked Terry David Mulligan to his face in front of MuckMusic cameras, has outraged CSIS and the RCMP, and generally gets what she wants.

Veronica is backed up by junk-violist Kenji Fuse (Victoria Symphony), funk bassist Paul Kannaspuro and punk-anarcho-drummer Isaac Flagg.

Although monolingual, the ever peripatetic and indefatigable Veronica Tangent looks eagerly forward to her Montreal debut at O Patro Vys.

You can listen to Veronica’s music at:


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