Guadagni Lounge is a rocking student hangout says co-manager Nelson Medonca

The Guadagni Lounge at Concordia University offers students a great place to get good food, use as a study space or just hang out. Located on the fourth floor in the CC building at Loyola Campus, it has been part of the Inter Fraternity Council (IFC) since the early 1970’s and operates as a student run lounge.

“Student life at Loyola has never been more active as it has this year and we are here to provide a place to commemorate that,” says co-manager Nelson Mendonca.

“We want the students at Concordia to know that there is a spot which they can use to get away from it all and just chill out.”

The lounge operates as a non-profit business, which means all dividends go back to the students and the school. It is run by Concordia students only and that is key to maintaining a student environment.

“Working here is great,” says Marco Asaro a student employee of the lounge.

“I meet a lot of interesting people and can also get some studying done.”

The diverse menu is one of the main attractions, which holds a considerable advantage over the other establishments on campus.

From a variety of freshly brewed coffee to sub style sandwiches to hot food and pastries the lounge is the student alternative to corporate run establishments.

The cheapest prices on campus can be found here and daily lunch specials keep the students from getting bored. “I like the fact that their vegetarian menu has a lot to choose from,” says Rachael Horwood, a 20 year-old fine arts student.

“As a vegan, it’s refreshing to have real healthy food on campus.”

In trying to meet the needs of different types of students, the lounge has also expanded to offering continental breakfasts and even multi cultural food such as burritos, samosas, Jamaican patties and Mediterranean hot plates.

The drink menu consists of at least twenty-five different varieties to choose from. An assorted selection of pastries and muffins will satisfy just about anyone with a sweet tooth.

“Were always looking to increase our product line so if students have any suggestions we want you to come up and tell us,” says Adam Pitaciatto-Kerr the other co-manager. “Customer communication is what we’re looking for to help us keep improving the quality of student life at Loyola.”

Relaxing, studying and meeting new students is another reason to come check out the lounge. Students are welcome to meet friends, listen to the latest music or take a power nap on the couches between classes.

Concordia faculty and staff also enjoy coming to the lounge and partaking in the student atmosphere. Alumni have also known to drop in and grab a quick bite.

The IFC coffee bar has been serving the students at Loyola for the past thirty-five years. In doing so it has gained the confidence of many of the students who frequent it. Maintaining an environment where the students can be comfortable is at the core of its reputation. The Guadagni lounge will continue to have a positive effect on the evolving Concordia student community for years to come.


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