Resto expands to attract Loyola students

Good food, and we mean healthy, tasty, low-priced food, is hard to find around Loyola Campus. Now, a new section added to La Brise restaurant, a few steps from the campus, competes with the cafeteria and the few restaurants around Concordia. La Brise Express is an enjoyable alternative to costly or unhealthy, pre-packaged food that’s been offered to students.

We’ve tested the recently opened express section for our fellow students and appreciated the food and atmosphere. But what’s especially inviting is the affordable price of a filling meal.

Choices of paninis abound, from the simple ham and cheese to the sophisticated brie with cucumber and walnut combination. Also tempting the senses are the boccacini with tomato and Genoa salami paninis.

We first savoured the Calabrese with roasted red pepper on a black olive baguette, a tasty and tangy mix that doesn’t have overkill spiciness to it.

Following this was the turkey with provolone cheese and grilled zucchini on nine-grain bread. Our impression was that of a subtle yet very present taste.

What’s best about these sandwiches are their well thought out blends of flavours. Every ingredient seems to complement the next. The pasta salad is a flavourful concoction especially because of the fresh basil leaves, which enhance the taste of the dressing. Other choices of scrumptious looking salads are also offered.

Right now, the opening special for a panini and a salad is $4.95 for students and other promotions will follow.

This is quite decent if one considers that one of the cafeteria’s by-the-weight salads could cost you just as much for a smaller portion and that substantial $5 meals are becoming increasingly harder to find.

Johnny Osman opened the main part of La Brise three years ago. He now runs his business seven days a week with his wife/assistant Patty. Osman, of Egyptian origin, decided to specialize in Italian cuisine because it was what he did best.

Until now, his regular clientele comprised of Concordia’s staff and faculty and workers in the area. That is about to change.

The idea of adding an express section to the restaurant came a few months ago; a good idea since it’s opening would coincide with the one of the new science building, which will bring more students on Loyola’s campus.

To accommodate students with small budgets, Osman now wants to “sell more and make less.” He doesn’t want to cut back on costs and refuses to rely on second grade food. He believes that if quality is offered, students will come back.

It isn’t just the good grub that will have us going back; it’s also the colourful ambiance, reflective of the inventive and original paninis. Beautifully decorated with IKEA style furniture and lighting, it’s a nice place to sit back, relax and enjoy the food. The bright, stylish paintings and lively colours gives the place jazz.

Take note that La Brise offers quick breakfasts for early birds who just want to grab a muffin and a coffee for $2.25.

Their home flavoured coffee will surely give you a jolt. A tasty blend of Arabica and Colombian, it’s a treat for a coffee amateurs. And if you seek something other than paninis, then you can always try their main section which offers a larger variety at a higher price.

La Brise Express will surely fill up your stomach without emptying your wallet. Stop by and make your own decision about it, we find it’s something to titillate the taste buds of Loyola’s population.

La Brise express is situated at 7345 Sherbrooke west, a few steps from the campus on the side of the new science building. It’s open Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m.


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