Are you serious?!

Dear Editor,
Hapy Halloween!
Oh, no wait, this was supposed to be serious? Oh man… Is my face red! Well, no it isn’t but with any hope yours are.
Nowhere except for in the title of “Netanyahu’s nephew speaks out against Israeli occupation” does Ben Artzi speak of “Israeli occupation,” but he does mention his brother, in fact that’s pretty much all he does mention. When I speak of my brother I don’t call it “The Canadian Occupation” and if you have been at Concordia for any length of time you will know that words such as occupation and pretty much any variation on Israeli and or Palestinian are not to be taken lightly.
You want to be taken seriously? Start by making yourselves a force to recon with and stop looking outwards to discredit publications that get your information wrong-namey the student handbook. When a student looks for information in the handbook it is usually to find a location or very basic information-the link=newspaper, the concordian =newspaper. When we look to these newspaper we expect (gasp) news. Save your energy wrongly spent on complaints about irrelevancies and start reporting the news factually.


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