Dating snapshots

Sixty-two per cent of Quebecers feel that women call the shots in the dating game.

Quebec guys prefer exotic, JLo-type girls while guys in the rest of Canada go for the cuter Sarah Michelle Gellar type.

Thirty-five per cent of French Canadians have had more than one partner at a time compared with 27 per cent of English Canadians

Ninety per cent of Canadian women say they are true to their partner compared with 78 per cent of men.

When it comes to making the first move, British Columbia men (79 per cent) and women (84 per cent) agreed that the guy should approach the girl.

On the East coast, girls seemed to be the more aggressive pursuers, with 42 per cent saying they are more likely to ask the man out.

In Quebec, the leading motive named by women for breaking up: “He’s the strong, silent type; in fact, you think he’s mute.”

Men in British Columbia said that women who talk too much are the biggest relationship breaker. Nineteen per cent of Canadian males get turned off by girls who say they love them.

In Saskatchewan, 100 per cent of the population is faithful to their partner.

Albertans are the biggest liars when it comes to the dating game, with 52 per cent admitting they bend the truth.

Eleven per cent of Maritimers hook up on the Internet. Only 3 per cent in Quebec or the Prairies date online.

Twenty-nine per cent of women in British Columbia go for the “life of the party”-type guys and 11 per cent want a rebel.


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