Eric Ben-Artzi’s lecture (Netanyahu’s nephew)

So Refreshing Listening to Someone With Hope

Whatever side of the Israeli Palestinian conflict you support, you could not help feeling refreshed after listening to Eric Ben-Artzi (Benjamin Netanyahu’s nephew) speak about the problem in Israel. He was a non-politician speaking so courageously about political issues. He is not a Jewish religious leader, yet he was speaking from his mind and heart about serious moral dilemmas. He is simply a Jewish man who was putting aside propaganda to speak about what is right and wrong and to convey the tough situation his brother (Yoni Ben-Artzi)is going through. The bluntness of his manner was so very refreshing. It was a relief to finally hear someone speak about this issue at Concordia that did not try to promote, defend, justify or even explain violence as acceptable or a solution. His constant contention that violence is wrong, for both sides, was uplifting. Listening to him speak hopefully made many people realize that hope is very much alive. Peace is attainable. Peace is attainable only if we have more brave people like Ben-Artzi. After only a few minutes, Ben-Artzi came across as a man that is pro-active, progressive, and genuinely concerned with brining peace to his homeland. Equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians was his main message. A message that seems so obvious to many, but unacceptable to others. Hopefully soon, the “others” will realize that equal rights are the first step to peace; Real peace.
-Shaun Connolly
Political Science/History

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