Exhibit is a trip back in time

We may envision the 60’s as a time of hippies, “free love” and bell-bottoms and, while these visions may have some accuracy, Global Village: The 60’s, the new temporary exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, may just broaden your ideas of the tumultuous decade.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, located just around the corner from Concordia on Sherbrooke St., presents an engaging collection of works ranging from Barbie dolls to Warhol silk-screens to represent the effects of the emerging “Global Village” on the decade, not only within the artistic community, but also on society as a whole.

This exhibit does not limit itself solely to the wide range of artistic endeavors of the 60’s. It also includes pop culture artifacts such as reproductions of television broadcasts, children’s toys, home furnishings and fashions of the era.

The works within the exhibit have been divided into four major themes: Space, Media, Disorder and Change.

Space provides a glimpse of optimistic hope for the future spawning from the new frontier of space travel. The works within this range from sketches of utopian “futuristic cities” to experiments with new materials such as a dress created by Paco Rabanne made of transparent plastic and metal grommets.

Media themed pieces focus on the impact of the media revolution that occurred during the 60’s through the increasing presence of television. The impact of the advertising boom that followed exposes itself in the works of Andy Warhol’s Brillo Boxes and Yvind Fahlstr


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