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Speaking Event, November 13: Building on Sand: Is Inter-Religious Dialogue Realistic?

November 13th, Montreal — Whereas last year the Concordia campus was widely covered by the press on account of angry mobs and shattered glass, this year a new mandate is in effect. The above titled speaking engagement is an event being put on under the auspices of the Concordia Peace and Conflict Resolution Academic Series, a creation of Rector Frederick Lowy and a direct offspring of last year’s Netanyahu protests.
Speaking at the event will be the leader of Montreal’s Reform Judaism movement, Rabbi Leigh Lerner (of Temple Beth Emanu-El Sholom), and Professor Mahmoud Ayoub (of Temple University – Philadelphia). Both of these men have long histories as innovators in inter-religious dialogue, and have spearheaded several successful exploratory programs. Rabbi Lerner is most noted for his work with the Montreal Christian-Jewish Dialogue, and the Montreal Muslim-Jewish Dialogue, as well as for hosting several leaders of the peace movement at Temple Emanu-El.
Professor Ayoub, (PhD-Harvard, 1975) is an international broker for Muslim-Christian and Muslim Jewish reconciliation movements, having worked intensively in the United States, Canada and Lebanon. He has taught at Seminaries and Rabbinical Colleges, and currently serves on the U.S. Inter-religious Committee for Peace in the Middle East.
Both of these leaders will be discussing the methodologies that they utilise to overcome the obstacles to dialogue, as well as the insights that they have gleaned from their decades of service. Audience will include a significant portion of students from Concordia Faculty of Religion classes: Religions of the West, and Encountering Religions.

Thursday November 13th,
Concordia University
Hall Building, Rm H937
Corner of de Maisonneuve and MacKay

For more information: 514.295.1371
For details about Concordia Peace and Conflict Resolution Academic Series:
Canadian Endeavour for Moderation:

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