Concordia gets blasted by Ottawa

It’s true that you can’t win them all, but how does one explain the Concordia men’s hockey meltdown on Sunday afternoon where the Stingers gave up nine consecutive goals in their 9-1 loss to the Ottawa Gee-Gees’?

Within the first 30 seconds of play, Yannick Noiseux scored a picture perfect goal against Ottawa goaltender Mathieu Blanchard. Unfortunately Concordia couldn’t build on this lead as things quickly went downhill.

The lead was short lived, as Ottawa turned up the pressure and launched a counter-attack while Concordia’s defence turned away from their checks, letting four goals slide past starting goaltender Philippe Ozga.

After the first period Concordia was looking incomplete as a team and desperately turned to second-string goalie Kyle Stanton to replace Ozga in hopes of stopping the bleeding.

Stanton, who entered the second having only one game’s experience in his pocket, sacrificed two goals in the second period and three more in the third. All goals that he probably wishes he could have back-though he did make 38 saves.

The second period saw Concordia killing penalty after penalty and as a result they were unable to generate any kind of consistent offensive pressure. They proved to be the Stinger’s weakest link, as they totaled 40 minutes in the penalty box.

Even Stinger Coach Kevin Figsby got in an argument with one of the referees when a Gee-Gee slapped a stick out of a Concordia defencemen’s hands, resulting in a goal. Figsby reacted to this play and was given his first minor bench penalty in five years.

Frustration was building on the ice and Concordia was left to take the defeat, luckily without any team suspensions.

For the last half of the game, the Stingers looked like a team whose confidence had gone that-a-way. Concordia began the third period on a power play, and left wing Frederic Faucher looked strong as he intercepted a pass, took it along the boards and tried to get off a decent shot.

Unfortunately, he was shut down as Ottawa grabbed the puck and put it right back in the Stinger’s net.

“Penalties took away from the flow of the game,” Figsby said. “We are a team that needs to play five on five. We got tired. We lacked a lot of energy today.”

Previously that week, Concordia had been on the road against second ranked UniversitE de QuEbec a Trois-RiviEres. The Stinger’s successfully came from behind after being down 3-1 to come back with a 3-3 tie.

The best thing the Stinger’s can do with Sunday’s loss is package it, and toss it in the trash.

According to Figsby the problems of Sunday’s game was a lack of shooting, executing the game plan, and undisciplined reaction time to the fast pace play. “Today’s game will never repeat itself,” said Figsby.

Concordia’s next home game is against RMC on Nov. 14.


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