Good times in the village at Club Parking

When it comes to clubbing in Montreal, it is often difficult for gays and lesbians to go out in straight bars and express themselves openly and truly. Clearly, even though society’s views are constantly being challenged, there remains a great deal of social change to be undertaken.

In every corner of our society, segregation still isolates individuals according to their race, gender or even sexual preference. For instance, the Gay Village in Montreal, while protecting and promoting the gay identity, still sets itself apart as a separate community.

For those interested in blurring the (too often straight) lines of sexuality, Thursday nights at Club Parking, situated in the Gay Village, enters the scene as a breath of fresh air and a break from an otherwise conventional nightlife.

With its doors opened on week nights to people of ages 18 and up, both genders and all sexual preferences, Club Parking is without a doubt a very renowned place nowadays among all types of people. While its weekend nights are still reserved for men only, their open-minded policy on weeknights encourages a less segregated nightlife. What’s more, Club Parking stands out not only as a diversified night of fun, but also as an easily affordable one, with a $4 cover and $2.50 drink specials. To the delight of many, this enormous venue provides a wide variety of music, with its second edition of the Electro ‘Overdose’ night on the ground floor and its ever so popular ‘Faggy Baggy’ Hip-Hop night in the basement level.

According to Jonah Leslie and Mike Tessier, two promoters for ‘Overdose,’ what sets their night apart is that resident DJs do their homework and provide clubbers with rare and good electro music, not just 80’s electro classics. Many flock to Club Parking on Thursdays to check out DJ PhilGood and DJ Mini, who also spins at Blizzarts every Saturday nights alongside Jordan Dare.

Truthfully, Club Parking emanates an aura of openness and love-all kinds of love. This is probably what makes it work: the vibe of the club attracts people and makes them come back for more. However, entering such a space is definitely not a place for the prudish or narrow-minded, and it requires a loving, respectful and non-judgmental attitude.

Apparently, the bouncers at the door are entitled to ‘test’ you boys out to see just how broadminded you are. Nothing to be afraid of though, right…But if you are, it’s probably a sign that it may not be the place for you. In either case, partying in an environment where people have full freedom of self-expression really opens up minds and it unleashes one’s own joie de vivre that is too often subdued. So go on, let loose.

1296 Amherst
Montreal, QC H2L 3K8
Phone: 282-1199


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