IITS employee continues to ‘take on life’

You may have seen him when you’ve gone to book a camera at the instructional and informational technology services (IITS) offices at the Loyola Campus. He’s tall, wears glasses and walks with a cane. This raises more than a few eyebrows as he makes his way over to the counter to help some students.

“It must be my new futuristic cane that my wife got me,” he says with a twinkle in his eye.

His name is Chris Brodie and he is the booking agent who works at IITS. He has been working there for about 20 years. He also happens to have trouble walking because of a serious car accident he was in, in September of 1971.

“My buddy and I were leaving a party in Fairview Village and we were heading up North. We were both pretty drunk. I don’t remember much from that night, but I woke up in the hospital three months later, unable to walk, talk or move,” he explains as he answers a phone call from a disgruntled Concordia student who is trying to book a camera.

“The doctors at Sacr


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