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Letter of Appall: SPHR’s recreation of the ‘Fence;

by Archives November 19, 2003

Dear Editor,

My name is Adina Derrick, and I am a second year student in the Master of Science in Marketing program, as well as the program’s 2003-2004 Representative. I am writing this letter in conjunction with Jennifer Abitbol, a fellow Masters student, who is studying English literature. We are writing to express our disgust with the SPHR’s latest shenanigan. For once and for all, we condemn all political battles from school grounds. We proclaim this abhorrence not only as a Jews, but also as a Maters Students. When we graduate from John Molson and Concordia, we want my degree to be worth something – and not be ridiculed by the business community. As a University, Concordia’s first priority should be EDUCATION, and not fostering racism! We stand ground, and demand an explanation as how this “wall” could even have been erected in Concordia? How could the Rectors of the school allowed such a shameful event to occur? Isn’t Concordia already in shambles following the disgraceful and highly exposed Netanyahu Event? Does Concordia ever want to rescue its image, and become a first rate university? By allowing a certain group of people to propagate their hatred, these threatening individuals are ultimately polluting OUR educational environment and are jeopardizing Concordia’s future reputation!

If the marginalized groups require a voice, they are in the wrong country! The Palestinians should not bring their conflicts into the land that welcomed them with open arms, and gave then access to a first class education.

Adina Derrick and Jennifer Abitbol

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