Messier is a big part of new hockey leadership

Luc Messier has become so good at overcoming setbacks and dealing with the other facts of life, one has to wonder what he’ll be able to accomplish when he’s fully concentrated on hockey. Then again, he’s already been through and accomplished more than most players in his position could imagine.

Last year, the third year forward of the Concordia Stingers’ men’s hockey team was involved in a severe car accident where he suffered a concussion. He would miss the first four games of the regular season while everyone anxiously waited to see how he would bounce back.

With his return, Messier made it clear that he was an athlete of impressive ability and fortitude. The 23-year-old from Sudbury scored eight goals and 26 points in 22 games to finish third on the team in scoring.

This year Messier justifiably missed training camp to pursue an opportunity that would help him in his future ambitions. When his boss left the golf course where he works Messier received a promotion . “I was next in line and it’s what I want to do for my life,” he says of his groundskeeping duties. “Luc had a great opportunity so I had no problem telling him he could skip training camp,” Head coach Kevin Figsby says.

The hectic work schedule limited him to just a few pick-up games of hockey while he did his best to remain healthy in the off-season.

That off-season spanned from the team’s last game on Feb.16 to his first pre-season game against the Universit


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