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Hello, my name is Ron Osadchuk and I live in Winnipeg Manitoba. I don’t know if you can help me but I want to say that this is not a crank letter or really a letter to the Editor as such. I am trying to locate a Company or Business in the Montreal area that sells ” fleece bedsheets “. We do not have any friends that live in Montreal so I thought that maybe someone that reads this letter may be able to help me make a connection ! The only info. I have is a numbered Company {I think }. the numbered Company is 9004-1732-Quebec Inc.Health Comfort Sheets . I have tried to locate this company on the net but have had no success ! Please note that should you choose to reply to my request, The first letter of my e-mail address is an “r” followed by an “n”.

Thank You For Your Time
R Osadchuk


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