Band throws benefit concert for themselves

The Couch Addiction, a Montreal based ska-punk outfit, have had a rough couple months. With a D.I.Y. recording project putting them in some serious money troubles, and a Canadian-wide tour that was both financially and emotionally draining, the septet were beginning to feel overwhelmed.

That is until the Montreal punk and ska community banded together to organize a benefit show to help keep the band from going under for good.

The Couch Addiction formed in 1999, and quickly became a hometown favourite opening for bands like Big D and the Kids Table, Leftover Crack, Flashlight Brown and The Planet Smashers.

Their infusion of punk, ska, funk, and reggae caught the attention of Montreal’s Dare to Care Records who signed them and put out their first CD, a split with another Dare to Care band, Yesterdays Ring.

It has been three years since the release of the split and the band admits that they’re getting anxious to get their new music heard. The only thing holding them back is finding the right label to help expand their exposure beyond La Belle Province.

“We’ve sent the new album out to a lot of labels, both big and small, in Canada and the U.S,” explains keyboardist and Concordia student Louis-Philippe Caron. “We’ve had some responses but were still working out the details. We don’t have a date yet, but it will be at least another three months before it’s released.”

While the active fanbase that The Couch Addiction have established, may have to wait a couple more months to get the full version of the album, the band is so excited to let everyone hear their latest and greatest that they’re releasing a special D.I.Y preview CD at their shows.

The new CD is a bit of a departure from their first release, but still retains the energy and fun of their last album. As Caron explains the new album represents a more refined version of their musical style.

“We tried to focus on one kind of style, because on the other album we had a whole mixture of different styles. There’s more punk, ska and hardcore”.

The new album was recorded in an intensive three-week session at New Rock Studios in Quebec City.

Being three hours from home, and on a tight budget, the band ate, slept, and lived out of the studio for the duration of the recording process.

Without a label picking up the tab the Couch Addiction paid for the expensive recording session in the same manner as most indie bands, with money out of their own pocket.

The cost of paying for their own recording and a self-funded tour across the country has left the band in a tight spot financially.

So, their merch guy Eric, also known as “Caillou” for his resemblance to the children’s cartoon character, got together with two indie labels, and strong supporters of the punk and ska scene in Montreal, to try and help the band get back on its proverbial feet.

The result is a Couch Addiction benefit show, which will feature a virtual who’s who of young and emerging punk and ska bands from the Montreal area, including Issue 16, The Hands Collaboration, Young and Lost, Second Twelve, just to list a few.

While the show has a definite purpose, Caron insists that the event will be more of party than a serious venture. “It’s going to be like a big family reunion!” the keyboardist explains.

“Even if you are not familiar with our band, it’s a good opportunity to come out and see what’s going on with the new bands up and coming bands, and the new music that is emerging out of the Montreal scene. It’s the future of the scene in Montreal.”

The Couch Addiction benefit will be held December 13, at L’X , featuring The Couch Addiction, Issue 16, The Hands Collaboration, Young and Lost, Second Twelve and other special guests.


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