Dining out in style

Wednesday Nov. 25 2003: Cafeteria’s grand opening night after a week of renovation. Ideally located right in the middle of St-Laurent St., this is a spot that many were eager to see re-open. Consequently, on Wednesday night, this place was packed beyond capacity.

The bay windows were sealed off in such a way that outsiders passing by “on the Main” could not see the chaos going on inside.

Those in attendance, mostly regulars or close friends with private invites, were definitely some of Montreal’s most hardcore partiers.

The alcohol flying around, the good looking people swarming about the place toppled with the cute exotic dancers on the mini stage gave the impression that this spot was seeking to astonish its customers.

Kindly taking time off from his intoxicating social rounds, Joe Franchini, owner of Cafeteria and also proprietor of the Shed Caf


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