Can everyone be Chinese on new year?

Have you ever heard the expression, “everyone is Irish on St-Pattie’s Day?”

Well, it’s seemingly true here in Montreal, where people from every cultural backdrop get together to celebrate the St-Patrick’s Day Parade. So how about the Chinese New Year? Couldn’t everybody be Chinese for this occasion?

Judging from the party thrown at Club Metropolis last Saturday for this occasion, it looks like it’s happening slowly but surely. The whopping 2,500 people that got together at Club Metropolis, to honour the Green Wooden “Funky Monkey” new year was made up of an estimated 80 per cent Asian crowd and 20 per cent from every other background.

Interestingly enough, no matter what the ethnicity, everyone seemed to have fun celebrating this occasion.

This official Chinese New Year celebration, presented by Deuces Wild Productions, featured DJ Stylez, Quest, Da Baron and Sun steady on the decks spinning popular R&B, Hip-Hop, House and Tribal tracks, accompanied by MC Ricky J from the Jet Club, who was hyping up the crowd proper.

Performances included a fashion show, during which superb gear from stores like Rocawear, Asamae, Nophelia and Kokawaii was paraded, a Lion Dance performed by the Lian Yee Lion Dance Club, a breakdance crew battle between the Relax Foundation and Division 752 crew, and finally an urban dance show carried out by the girls from the Urban-Element Dance Center.

This exciting show ran for almost an hour, during which prizes and giveaways were thrown out into the animated crowd.

Afterwards, the Mezzanine was emptied out and the huge Club Metropolis dance floor was taken over by drunks, partiers/dancers and break dancers-quite a rousing sight.

Tickets for this night cost $12, which is a decent cover charge considering the fact that it is a special event and the covers for places like the Jet Club or Club/Lounge 737 attended by a similar clientele cost up to $10 anyway.

However, admission at the door cost $15, so if you are planning on attending this event next year, make sure to buy your ticket in advance.

Overall, this party was a definite hit. It absolutely exceeded my expectations of fun and personally, although some Asian parties have a certain segregated feel to it-like Club Parking has felt like on occasion-the considerably diversified crowd of partiers created an event that turned out to be the largest and the most entertaining Asian party in my experience.

The guys from Deuces Wild Productions, in upholding such a night, mean to bring together different Asian communities under one roof while giving all people, Asians and non-Asian alike, an opportunity to celebrate and be familiar with diverse Asian cultures-this intent has clearly come across last Saturday.

It is hoped that in the upcoming years, this event will expand into a celebration that will involve the whole community. Meanwhile, happy Chinese New Year!

For the curious few, in celebrating the year of the Funky Monkey spirit, look out for a year charged with parties, good times, the satisfaction of curiosity and just plain “monkeying” around.


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