Renowned collection comes to ConU

Concordia University, in conjunction with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), will host an international conference on the Diniacopoulos Family Collection, a world acclaimed private Canadian collection of Greek and Roman antiquities of the twentieth century.

A number of respected Greek and Roman antiquity connoisseurs, coming from all across the Americas, will be giving lectures on the collection. The two-day conference will feature a group of 75 Greek and Roman antiquities and, treat various related topics.

The idea behind the conference is to “bring together the different pieces of the collection that was in various parts of the province,” said Concordia professor Dr. George W. M. Harrison.

He added that Dr. Jane E. Francis of Concordia’s classics department and Dr. John M. Fossey, the curator of archaeology at the MMFA, worked on this project for four years.

They “molded and sculpted this project into the fine work of art that it is today,” he said.

The idea was conceptualized by Clarence Epstein, Concordia’s director of special projects and Gisele Wagner, the curator of the University of Laval museum.

The Diniacopoulos Family collection arrived in Montreal from Post-War Europe via Olga and Vincent Diniacopoulos, two archaeologists who combined their interests and made the collection as prestigious as it is today.

Born in Constantinople of Greek parents during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid, Vincent was roaming the Turkish countryside in search of ancient relies by the age of 14. Olga was born in Cairo and moved to Paris at age 17. She studied archaeology at the


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