ConU Confidential: boys can’t keep up

While I was prancing around the various rooms at an animated loft party last Saturday, I had a pleasurable encounter with a sweet looking girl named Jennifer. She graciously agreed to have a sit down with me for this interview, amidst loud jazzy music, crazy dancers on the loose and one too many good looking boys for my own good.

Full Name: Jennifer Chan

Age: almost 21

Astrology sign: Cancer, but who cares?

Current program: Second year Psychology

Why you are single: Because I haven’t found anyone who can keep up with me yet.

What’s your sexual orientation? Completely hetero-I like boys.

Where we would find you:

1- At school? Stuck at Loyola Campus, although I’m in and out of classes and otherwise never at school.

2- Outside of school? Different bars and clubs, depending on my mood (Brutopia, Tokyo, Central Station).

The last book you’ve read? Mario Ruzo’s The Godfather, for the 20th time.

The best thing in life is? Being completely and truly happy with yourself.

The most important part of the body is, and why: Your mind-how else are you supposed to judge life?

The two most power-filled words? Love and hate, because they can make or break your life.

Your passions in life: I love having fun, dancing, eating-enjoying the good things in life.

What is your worst flaw: I’m pretty stubborn. I’ll stick to my beliefs ’til the end – this can sometimes be a problem.

What is beauty according to you: I think it’s inner beauty. It’s not about how you carry yourself or the appearance you put up, it’s about what’s inside of you.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do, and why: I would go out and pull crazy pranks just to freak people out.

What is man’s most terrible fault? Selfishness, because when people just thinks about themselves, they don’t realize how their actions affect others.

What type of girl are you: the sporty; the sweetie; the bitchy; or the sexy, and why? I’m a sexy bitch. That describes it all.

Your biggest disappointment with the opposite sex is usually: That they can be so simple yet so damn hard to figure out!

What do you think about cheating in a relationship? Have you ever cheated? Bad. BAD. It shouldn’t ever happen. I think it happens because of a lack of communication, and I can’t deal with that.

If you could be a number which would choose, and why: At least a 2, because 1 is the loneliest number.

Your daily motto is: Live life to the fullest.

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