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Discordia hits home

by Archives February 4, 2004

A long line-up of students and non-students alike snaked around the Hall Building lobby were pushing or being pushed to go through the doors of the world premiere screening of Discordia this past Monday.

The documentary played to a jam-packed auditorium of spectators who cheered, jeered and applauded in reaction to different scenes and even gave the movie a standing ovation at the end.

Discordia starts with a serene image of Montreal’s downtown core but slowly the images turned to the day that has gone down in history as the Sept. 9 riots at Concordia. The day former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled speech at the Hall Building was cancelled.

Sameer Elatrash could be seen brandishing his megaphone and working the crowd of protesters and saying to the camera, “I think it’s a victory,” that they were able to stop Netanyahu, invited by Concordia Hillel from speaking.

After the movie, the three main characters, Aaron Mat

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