Thursday variety show to be eclectic fun

After months of planning and numerous auditions, the Arts and Science Federation (ASFA) Associations is just about ready to hold their first annual variety show In the Spotlight.

“We wanted to make this show professional by choosing exceptional talent and advertising considerably so we could give students a fun event and benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation,” said Tiffanie Caracassis, VP external of ASFA.

Over 300 people are expected to attend the event, to be held on Feb. 5 at the D.B. Clarke Theatre. “We have referred to it from the start as a variety show because ‘talent show’ brings to mind kids singing off-key in a high school auditorium to many.

We need to emphasize the incredible professionalism as well as the diversity of our performers, not only their talent,” said Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert, the talent co-ordinator.

The selection process was a long one, finally bringing together 20 different acts, including nunchaku-ing, cabaret-style singing, beatboxing and breakdancing.

“We spent hours debating which performers would interact best with the crowd and leave a lasting impression on them,” explained Diconca-Lippert.

The performers’ hard work for charity will be rewarded through exposure and experience, as ASFA has invited a talent scout from Aviel Talent Management to attend the event.

The performers’ contact information has also been listed in the evening program, so that interested audience members can get in touch with them.

“For the band, this show will open us up to a huge audience, but it is also for charity,” said Nadine Benny, singer of the band Vice Versa and a student at Concordia.

“I hope people are happy with our music and come to check us out at future shows,” agreed Jason Ghikadis who is the bass player for the band.

For other participants, this was a good opportunity to get active in university life.

“I’m usually just in and out of classes, so I wanted to participate in an activity and try something fun at school,” said breakdancer Luca Patuelli.

During the four months of planning the event, promotion has been a primary consideration, so in addition to colourful posters and flyers, In the Spotlight has been advertised in The Mirror and promoted through CJLO.

Other important considerations included theatre and equipment rental, designing evening programs and providing snacks and beverages for the night of the event.

“I had great ambitions when I brought the idea to ASFA, so we have done everything possible to make this as great a show as we can. I’m proud of it,” says Caracassis.

“We have been working long hours to ensure that everything is prepared. The most important thing now is for students to come and enjoy the show” smiles Diconca-Lippert.


In the Spotlight takes place on Thursday, Feb. 5 at the D.B. Clarke Theatre (Hall Building, Bishop St. Entrance). Tickets are $5 and include one complimentary beer. All proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Tickets can be bought at the ASFA office: H-651-1. Doors open at 7 p.m. For more information, e-mail [email protected].


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