After Dark lights up Montreal nightlife

Saturday, March 27: After Dark Productions present you with the wickedest loft party in Montreal has seen in a while.

If you’ve made plans, drop them, because this event will by far beat out any pub, club, bar or after-hour you were planning on attending by combining all of these various hot spots underneath one roof.

For only five bucks, this all-night event will take you through an assortment of completely unique ambiances that will keep you on your feet without a dull moment.

The event, which will be taking place in five different interconnected lofts, features an “arty-hearty” room, which will allow you to experience several skillful graffiti artists painting canvases right before your very eyes.

This is followed by a second loft that acts as a chill room with a “juice bar,” and a third jungle-friendly loft that has a nice black lit dance floor.

Loft four will appeal to the pool players who like to hang out in “saloon” type bars.

Finally, the fifth loft will reveal live Reggae, Funk and Jazz bands, which will surely be a main attraction.

You can also expect cool visual projections on display in the jungle room, free surprise giveaways throughout the night, and, get this, the entertaining company of more than five hundred other party people.

So who exactly can you look forward to seeing on Saturday?

In throwing this loft party, After Dark Productions, a collective of talented musicians and artists closely affiliated with the very refreshing New Artist Collective Magazine, hope to bring together a diversified crowd of non-judgmental, multicultural art and music lovers.

Working alongside DJ Versatile; RCola; and Dave, the founder of After Dark Productions, Andrew Graham-Hussey a.k.a. DJ Hussler, states, “everyone is welcomed as long as they come with a good vibe.”

As he sees it, this party is five bucks well spent for eight extensive hours in a wild, fun madhouse.

From my recollections of last month’s After Dark loft party, I assure you this is quite accurate.

Actually, I would even go as far as to suggest you contact them if you ever need assistance in planning or organizing an event, as they clearly seem to know what they’re doing.

Look out for other After Dark events in the near future. A summer party with an integrated outdoor movie theatre, coupled with food and a barbecue is in the works.

In any case, the only requirements for having a good time at this loft party are the following: first, don’t be afraid to shell out five dollars for the cover charge, because it really is worth it; second, keep an open-mind and enjoy the awesome diverse environments; third, show some respect, since these lofts are people’s homes; and last but not least, Graham asks that you bring a smile.

The After Dark Productions loft party will be held March 27 and cover charge is a mere five dollars. You can check out the flyer for the After Dark loft party as well as get the address and exact location of the event by accessing this web address:


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