ConU Confidential: I’ve served the Hells

This week, I will let Trevor, our eligible bachelor, speak for himself: “I have to admit, I don’t generally give information about myself in this manner. But what the hell, I liked what you had to say. You had the guts to do it so I will respond. It can’t hurt right! Enjoy.”

Full Name: Trevor L. Hotton
Age: 27
Current program: I recently finished in linguistics, however I am still the president of the Inter Fraternity Council, which keeps me from having to completely cut the umbilical.
Where we would find you at school: At the G-Lounge sitting at the first table beside the counter, or doing truly random things all over town, and beyond.
What’s in my CD Player: Peter Gabriel’s The Last Temptation Of Christ soundtrack, one of the few instrumental albums that I own. Great movie, better soundtrack.
A hidden talent and give details: In my years as a barman I seem to have developed the ability to talk anyone down from beating the crap out of me.
I have had Hells Angles, Triad, and generally unpleasant sorts ready to pummel me and by some miracle managed to come out of all situations without so much as a scratch.
For that matter, I have I have gained respect (and free drinks) from a number of them. I don’t believe in fighting unless there is something to fight about, and Lord knows that I don’t like getting hurt. So it is only natural that I have this ability.
One idiosyncratic behavior I Have that no one knows about: If I am not in a rush to get where I am going and there is no one in the car with me, I will go out of my way to get as lost as possible just to find my way back. I have no explanation for this, I just enjoy doing it!
What is success according to you, and explain why: Success is being at a place where you don’t see the need to push any farther. This is not to say giving up when it gets too hard, but knowing that where you are is all you really want.
Some people fight to the top all of their lives and miss out on something they would have loved because they believe that the only success is at the top.
What social issue are you most concerned with: Children’s education, which has gone down to the point that I am amazed that kids are learning anything.
I have a three-year-old godson, and I am terrified about what the schools are (or are not) going to teach him.
The thing that turns me on most about the opposite sex: I love a woman who can hold her own in a conversation (I hate wishy washy people).
Physically, I love well-kept hair, and a clavicle that is not shy (I think that it’s the most sexy part of the female anatomy).
What do you think about one -night stands? Ever had one? I hate this question! Yes I have had them, and no I don’t like them. I have been lied to in the past to this end, and I find it morally reprehensible.
If you could be an animal, which would choose: I love this question! I have always identified with the otter. They are smart, dexterous, and very hard for predators to catch. They are fast on land and faster in water, and live on seafood.
However I think that the main reason I would want to be an otter is just the fact that they always have this regale “and who do you think you are” look about them. Did I mention they are cute?
My daily motto: “You should never criticize until you walk a mile in another man’s shoes, that way when you do, you are a mile away from him and you have his shoes.” A close second is “life is too short not to.”

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