Meet the slates running for CSU

Eight slates are running in the upcoming Concordia Student Union (CSU) elections. Two debates have taken place and one more is planed for Monday.

During the debate at the Hive last Thursday, Katharine Childs, VP with CIA, said the current CSU didn’t do enough to make students aware of the services it offers. She gave the Special Projects Fund as an example, since only one-third of it was claimed.

“We want to make students aware so that they can have a better university experience,” she said.

While New Evolution is promising to get four-hour parking meters, CIA worries that it will encourage more students to drive to school and ultimately be bad for the environment.

CIA also questioned the new seventh-floor plans, saying the CSU had not communicated with the People’s Potato enough on the matter. “I’d rather feed students than give them club space,” said Childs.

Brent Farrington, CSU VP and president of New Evolution, replied that though the cafeteria space will be decreased, more tables and chairs will be added to make up for it.

New Evolution asked CIA how it will represent all students since all its members, with one exception, are in the faculties of arts and science. Childs replied that they would listen to the concerns of all students and that their experience of working with clubs outweighs their lack of faculty representation.

New Evolution told The Concordian that its major strengths are representation and focus on school spirit. “We are a continuation of this year’s school community and not so much of the activism of the past CSU executives.”

CIA president Laura Howard said her slate members work really well together. She added that they’re dedicated to listening to students’ concerns, which, according to Howard, the current CSU failed to do with the People’s Potato and other groups. “We want to make sure the changes made benefit students,” she said.

Marc St. Martin, president of Renaissance, is tired of the constant power struggle between the right and the left at Concordia that puts students at a disadvantage.

“I, for one, am tired of the constant power struggle between two base groups with very deep pockets.”

His slate calls out to students looking for a middle ground.


“That’s two AAs before arts and if anybody that doesn’t put us on the top list they’re going to hear from our $25,000 fee levy,” said Craig Desson, president. Art Matters is having a closing night party March 19. It’s a superhero funeral party and students are invited to come dressed-up.

Who they would vote for if they had to pull out of the race: Free Thinkers.


“It’s been 556 days (last Thursday) since the last riot at Concordia. [Communists In Action] is deeply concerned that more riots could take place,” said Noah Joseph, president.

-support tighter security
-lobby for metal detectors
-armed guards on shuttle buses

Who they would vote for if they had to pull out of the race: RCMP, New Evolution


“We came together because the student union [this year] focused on regaining a positive reputation for Concordia, but it lead to a fear on acting on anything; even non-controversial issues,” said Laura Howard, president. “The CSU needs to be involved in student issues.”

-fight for tuition freeze: have slate members who have been working on it all year
-expand fee freeze to out-of-province and international students
-work with Sustainable Concordia for a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable campus
-increase awareness: bring services provided by CSU to students
-against computer plagiarism program
-heated bus shelters
-boost recreational events and athletics
-increase accessibility
-food co-op at Loyola
-CSU bursaries for students
-subsidized transit passes

Who they would vote for if they had to pull out of the race: AAArt Matters


“We look at Evolution and their main objective is to get Concordia’s good image back so our degrees will have some value,” said Shadi Hajjara, VP evolutionary development. “In trying to slowly diminish activism on campus, we might as well:”

-put quotas on Arab students (make Concordia look like McGill)
-no part-time students
-tuition should increase rapidly every year so poor students who are aware of social change will leave us alone.

Who they would vote for if they had to pull out of the race: Renaissance or Concordians In Action.


“Time doesn’t exist. It’s a perception. And I’m a perception and you’re a perception,” said Nic Boshart, VP testing limits of democracy and witch hunts.

-“We offer no options. We have nothing for you. You have to create your own options.”
-No Pants Party!

Who they would vote for if they had to pull out of the race: AAArt Matters


-build on community-based successes
-increase services to enhance clubs
-increase student life initiatives
-continue strong fight for tuition freeze by rallying the provincial government
-campus beautification projects
-Four-hour parking meters
-has planned a sustainable conference for November, including speakers like David Suzuki
-against computer plagiarism program
-exam dates available when you register
-more services to Loyola students

Who they would vote for if they had to pull out of the race: Renaissance Concordia.


“Classes are for students. Concordia is for people,” said Benjy Levine, president.

-Change Jave U to Java Us
-Change Le Frigo Vert to Money Fridge
-Use hot dog rails instead of heated bus shelters
-Hockey ring in Hall Building

Who they would vote for if the had to pull out of the race: Communists In Action


“The only way things are going to get better is if we stop swinging the pendulum back and forth so that if it swings to the left, then the right gets irritated and mounts a huge opposition the next year. So the pendulum swings the other way, which makes the other side infuriated,” Marc St.Martin , president.

Platform :
-inter-faculty collaboration: different faculties working on projects together; meetings with all student clubs
-expand advocacy centre, especially to deal with racism and discrimination
-take into consideration what Sustainable Concordia has to say
-updated web site
-bi-weekly reports on what CSU is doing
-create more on-campus jobs for international students
-against computer plagiarism program
-lobbying provincial government: most effective way to keep tuition freeze
-more easily accessible co-op daycare
-club commissioner responsible for financial transactions of clubs

Who they would vote for if they had to pull out of the race: Concordians In Action (CIA).

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