Special Ops gear up for summer release

“We’re a mirror of society, we reflect everything we see. Criticizing the state of mind of people today and representing it through our music,” is what guitarist/vocalist/song writer Sam Odeh (Akbar Johnson) says is the essence of the outfit known as Special Ops, a high-energy metal group that is turning heads these days in Montreal.

Orchestrating rich melodic textures, hypnotic rhythms and an attitude that cuts right through glass is conducive to redefining the modern rock culture that is at the base of Special Ops prime directive.

Individually, the musicians lead lives independent from each other, but when they come together to form Special Ops, their chemistry forms a unit that is the driving force behind their powerful bottom heavy sound.

It was at a friend’s birthday party where vocalist/front man Jay Walters (Abe Frohman) met up with bassist/producer Tony Botelho (WaldoThornhill). Tony introduced drummer Mike Rein (Lance De Jour) who presented the idea of Special Ops as a new project. Mike in turn sought to bring into the picture guitarist/vocalist Sam Odeh of the rock band Odeh.

The two projects decided to merge and ever since, evolved into a unique blend of lush sounds, ethnic idiosyncrasies and double-barrel vocals reared with perceptive lyrics.

After only two years, Special Ops has gained a young and dedicated fan base. “We aim to please,” says Sam Odeh, who explains that the energy of the fans is primarily what fuels the band members’ ambitions.

“Our music is reflective of the metal audience that exists today,” claims Tony Botelho who comprises the “urban unit” of the group, having worked with such artists as Black Rams, Sport D, and Mike 1.

The band has played the Montreal circuit in clubs such as Sapphire, Jupiter Room and Clydes.

They have been approached to perform at the Canada Day music festival and the Montreal Outdoor Music Festival this summer.

The band is looking forward to an upcoming gig at the Hard Rock Bar in downtown Montreal on March 5 with the Capones, another local Montreal band.

In the near future, Special Ops plan to tour the Eastern side of Canada and to wrap up the summer with a small tour in Barbados.

Special Ops are currently recording at Bent Building Studios for their debut release entitled In Search of Madness, which should hit the shelves by this summer. A few of the tracks are from their EP release, Emily.

The EP is a five-song sample of the band’s production comprised of the songs “Emily,” “Better Off,” “Clenched Fist,” “Believe,” and “Hideous.” These tracks are reflective of the unit’s chemistry in creating their cutting edge music.

Audio clips are available on their web site at www.opsmission.com. A full-length multimedia video for “Emily” is to be included as part of the upcoming release of In Search of Madness.

With such a wide array of bands to choose from these days, Special Ops stands out as one that transcends the musical boundaries, continuously defining a new innovative, thought provoking and dangerously pleasurable sound to listen to.


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