FP Crew finds balance in bilingualism

The future is looking bright for Concordia graduate, Philippe Damas. With the upcoming spring release of Expose, his rap group’s debut CD, Damas and the three other MCs that make up FP Crew, are getting ready to take Montreal’s Hip-Hop scene to new heights.

Due to the influence of his older brother, Damas (a.k.a PhD) grew up listening to artists such as Run DMC, Salt ‘N Peppa, The Fresh Prince, and Big Daddy Kane; but, it wasn’t until high school (1992 to be exact), when he met Saman Kashizadeh (a.k.a. Big Shah), that his started in earnest. Together, they spent endless hours freestyling, songwriting, and developing their craft whenever they got the chance. Reginald Rosemond (a.k.a. Ebonics) and Dominique Chaput (a.k.a. Frenchi Blanco) joined the duo in 1995 and 1998 respectively, and from there FP Crew was born.

As proud born and bred Montrealers, FP Crew raps in English and French to reflect the city’s unique cultural makeup.

Montreal’s bilingualism has been particularly inspirational to Damas, who fuses the two languages to create his own distinctive sound. “There’s a certain aspect of my style that I call ‘a la fran


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