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Bracing for climate change in the Arctic

by Archives November 24, 2004

That global warming is occurring is no longer debatable, and a recent report on climate change effects in the Arctic is showing evidence to support this even further. Resulting from the injection of excess greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, global warming is contributing to the change in weather patterns that has been documented in the Northern region.

World-renowned geneticist, academic and broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki has spent the past 40 years educating the public about environmental issues, both in the classroom and over the airwaves. In an appearance at Concordia last week, Suzuki said that in the past 30 years, scientists have noted that fossil fuel combustion and ecosystem disruption have triggered more rapid climate change.

“Since 1970, when the pace of climate change began to accelerate, the buildup of greenhouse gases has been to blame for more than two-thirds of the warming,” says Suzuki. “Human activity is now clearly responsible for the majority of warming.”

Global warming, a rise in the average global temperature, causes climate change, essentially altered long-term weather patterns. Warming occurs when fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas rise into the atmosphere and become trapped, preventing heat from escaping the earth.

Deforestation and modern intensive farming methods also contribute to the problem.

On Dec. 10, 2002, Prime Minister Jean Chr

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