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Manic Street Preachers
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When the Manics formed in 1991, they were on a mission to restore revolution to rock n’ roll. They seem to have done for themselves with such albums as their debut Generation Terrorists and their critically acclaimed Everything Must Go. 13 years later, they return to the scene with their seventh album. Lifeblood is perhaps the Welsh trio’s most melodic album, diverting from their previously more politically charged ones.

It is about conquering yourself more than the world, like it says so well in the Descartes quote in the album sleeve. Traces of this theme can be heard on every one of the 12 songs. Standout tracks include the single The Love of Richard Nixon, I Live To Fall Asleep, and Solitude Sometimes Is. This is their best work since 1996’s Everything Must Go and is one of the few refreshing albums to come out this holiday season.

It is sure to find its way on my top five list of 2004 along with Interpol, Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand-9/10


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