She’s eccentric, playful, and incredibly mysterious. Get ready to be blown away by this actress’ stunning good looks and her wild and child-like imagination.

Full Name: Li Li


What a funny question… (Uhmmm…I don’t know…) Am I allowed to lie and say I’m 15? How about 12 then? (Ok, fine…) I’ll tell you the truth; I’m 5 years old.

Current program, year:

I have no idea since I have no intention of getting out. Concordia theater classes are much cheaper than taking workshops in the city. So I just take time off now and make money to eat.

Why you are single:

I’m single because I’m ugly and/or mentally retarded. (Wait… some guys/girls might go for that…). Fine-because I’m too busy, too picky, too high maintenance, too weird, too something….pick one.

Sexual orientation:

Since I’m not too sure, I’m going to go with mostly hetero.

Where we would find you:

1- At school?

I’m usually at various campuses that belong to the Fine Arts department. No stalkers please…I like to do the stalking, and not being stalked.

2- Outside of school?

You can usually find me in my car trying my best not to honk at people, doing U-turns and/or cutting people off.

The last book you’ve read?

The last book I read is “The DaVinci code”, and the one I’m reading is “DaVinci Decoded”. Yup, I can’t get enough of Leonardo.

What’s in your CD player?

What CD player? I’ll let you know as soon as someone donates one to me. Though to be honest, if you are going to get me a CD player, I suggest spend a little more and get me a MP3 player instead.

Three passions in life, explain:

Trying to understand the human mind, food and food. Oh, did I mention food?

Your best quality:


Your biggest flaw:


Your magical touch (something you’re especially good at):

I’m really, really, really good at annoying people, does that count as a magical touch?

If you could describe yourself in three words:

I am an “immature naively wise” girl.

Are you more willing to admit that you fart or pick your nose:

I’m totally willing to admit to both. I do both, and I do it really well when I want to gross out other people.

One idiosyncratic behavior you have that no one knows about:

Wow fancy word, idiosyncratic.

Why people don’t talk to strangers on the bus:

People don’t talk to strangers on buses? I didn’t know that. I talk to them all the time…’til they get scared that is … (laughs).

The most important social issue that needs to be rectified asap:

The most important social issue that needs to be rectified is the access to knowledge for everyone, everywhere.

The wildest thing you’ve done in the last year is:

I don’t think anything I’ve done is that wild, though my friends might tell you otherwise. But I promise I’ll try harder next year!

If you could be cartoon character, who/what would it be and why:

I would be Emily the Strange because I think she’s really cool.

Your daily motto is:

Live it, feel it, and don’t regret it. Oh, and try to get out of it in one piece!


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