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I must say that I’m quite proud of the way most people dress at Concordia. I have visited other schools and I truly think that we are the best dressed students in the province.

There are a few exceptions though. One of the biggest fashion faux pas committed at this university involves footwear. I have seen many decently-dressed students, but when my eyes shifted to their feet, I was truly disappointed. Doesn’t anyone know that shoes either make or break an outfit?

I’m not asking you to walk in four-inch stilettos around campus. In fact, I’m quite opposed to high heels at school. They’re just not practical. When you spend all day on your feet, you want to be comfortable. Besides, there is nothing less attractive than a girl who can’t walk in her heels.

However, you shouldn’t have to choose between style or comfort. It is easy to combine both, you just need to find the right shoe. I made a short list of footwear dos and don’ts.

Do wear flats. Not only are they more practical and comfortable, but they’re also quite stylish.

Do wear kitten heels if you must; they’re the perfect balance between flats and high heels. But don’t under any circumstance wear chunky heels. They do nothing for your legs or your outfit.

Do opt for round-toed shoes; they are a lot more feminine. Don’t wear really pointy boots. Anyone remember the Wicked Witch of the West?

Do choose vibrant coloured shoes. They liven up an outfit, especially if you’re all dressed in black. Go for darker shades of blue, red and green for the cold weather seasons.

Do wear sneakers. Adidas, Converse, Pumas, Aasics, … these brands look great with nicely fitted jeans.

Don’t ever wear white socks. As a general rule you should match your socks to your shoes in order to create a smooth transition from cuff to toe.

Don’t wear something just because it’s in fashion. It’s not what you wear that counts, but how you wear it.

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