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Concordia’s fashion column is back after a short break. This week I will focus on what most of us wear on a daily basis, jeans.

Do you remember a time when spending more than a $100 on jeans was considered crazy? As any shopper will tell you, this is no longer the case. Today, you can easily find a pair of jeans that will end up costing you a month’s rent, but you don’t really run across those every day. However, the denims du jour can range anywhere from $180 to $300.

Those are brands like Seven, Juicy, Chip & Pepper, Miss Sixty, and G Star. Even your trusted Levi’s brand has some $200 models. Although many people around campus are wearing these expensive brands, it doesn’t necessarily mean they coughed up the retail price.

They might have checked out; the online auction house sells many of these luxurious denims at a fraction of the price. These are not used products. It turns out that many companies sell their overstock on eBay. All you have to do is try on a pair in a store, search for it online, and let the savings begin.

However, if you’re not too keen on shopping via the Internet, there are a few other brands that sell moderately priced jeans; Club Monaco and Mavi are good options for a $100 pair. Simons also has some really nice ones. Gap usually has good prices, but their jeans stretch out a bit too much.

For the ultimate bargain though, visit Old Navy. They have all sorts of cuts, styles, and colours for about $50.

Nevertheless, the most important thing when purchasing jeans is not the price, but the fit.

Straight leg or boot cuts flatter most female bodies as they draw attention away from the dreaded hip area.

It is better to opt for darker shades because they’re dressier and not to mention, more slimming.

If you’re on the chubby side, stay away from ultra low rise cut. Also, jeans without back pockets make for an unflattering derriere. And please, stretch jeans are not for everyone. If you have a hard time zipping up, don’t buy them!

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