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Greetings fight fans and welcome to another bone jarring edition of Fight Talk. Let’s get started.

If there was any doubt that Kostya Tszyu was still the top dog at 140 pounds, they were eliminated last Saturday evening. Tszyu annihilated interim International Boxing Federation champion, Sharmba Mitchell, in a third round devastation, once again proved there is no cure for the southpaw blues like a nasty, straight right hand. Although Mitchell (55-4, 31 ko’s) had his moments during the opening stanza, he had no answer for Tszyu’s stalker-like pressure. The fight changed the moment Tszyu connected with his nearly legendary right hand. Mitchell appeared dazed and uncertain of himself. He completely abandoned fighting on the outside, a technique that vaulted him into boxing’s upper echelon, and decided to trade shots with Tszyu. This ill- advised and terribly executed plan played right into Tszyu’s hands, as he closed the distance and fired crushing shots to the head and body. Mitchell’s dreams of unseating the Australian-based Russian quickly disappeared in the third round, as he was dropped three times by Tszyu’s heavy hands, and had to be saved by referee Raul Caiz at the 2:48 mark.

Our prediction of a Mitchell victory was inaccurate, but who would have imagined that he would decide to start slugging? It doesn’t make any sense. Mitchell is known throughout the boxing world as a slick, speedy southpaw. So naturally, trying to slug with one of the best junior welterweight punchers of all time would be anathema to what he was trying to accomplish. Why the sudden desire to show grit? Could it be because he thought he could trick Tszyu with his speedy hands? Maybe it was because he wanted to prove to the world that it should be his name, not Tszyu’s, perched atop the Ring magazine’s junior welterweight rankings. The most likely reason for Mitchell’s sudden metamorphosis, was that he finally realized his knee injury during their first encounter was viewed by many as a coppout. He is a tough guy in the world’s toughest sport, so when he told the ringside physician he was unable to move his leg during their first encounter, it contradicted the warrior code. Never one to be at a loss for words, the ever garrelous native of Washington D.C. explained his admirable determination. He said, “He caught me with some good punches. When I got knocked down, I was pissed. I got up. No matter how or where I go down, I will get up. I am a warrior, just like he’s a warrior. I’ll live to fight another day.” See you next week.

Upcoming fights:

Saturday November 13-

at New York (PPV)-12 rounds

IBF Heavyweight title: Chris Byrd (37-2-1, 20 ko’s) vs. Jameel McCline (31-3-3, 19 ko’s)

12 rounds, WBA Heavyweight title: John Ruiz (40-5-1, 28 ko’s) vs. Andrew Golota (38-4-1, 31 ko’s); 10 rounds, heavyweights: Evander Holyfield (38-7-2, 25 ko’s) vs Larry Donald (41-3-2, 24 ko’s); 10 rounds, heavyweights: Hasim Rahman (39-5-1, 32 ko’s) vs. Kali Meehan (29-2, 23 ko’s)

Saturday, November 20- at Las Vegas (HBO)- 12 rounds, WBC and WBA junior middleweight titles: Winky Wright (47-3, 25 ko’s) vs. Shane Mosely (39-3, 35 ko’s)

Saturday, November 27- at Las Vegas (PPV) – 12 rounds, WBC and IBF junior lightweight titles: Marco Antonio Barrera (58-4, 41 ko’s) vs. Erik Morales (47-1, 34 ko’s)


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