Students support move to FEUQ

All four referendum questions were passed in an unprecedented voter turnout of 1726 students at last week’s Concordia Student Union (CSU) by-elections.

The most controversial questions concerned the CSU joining the Quebec Federation of University Students (FEUQ), and leaving the Association for Solidarity Among Student Unions (ASSE). The FEUQ was strongly supported by students, with 982 votes cast in favour of joining, and 677 cast against the motion.

“FEUQ is by far a more useful union in Quebec. It is the largest youth organization in the province, so it has a lot of weight to its voice,” explained Melissa Gruber, VP of internal relations, and the leader of the committee in support of joining FEUQ. “They focus on negotiations, so they talk to the people who make decisions as they are making them, and do not protest unless it is completely necessary. FEUQ have been very helpful even though we were not members. It’s largely due to their work that tuition fees have been maintained,” she added.

Trish McIntosh, the leader of the committee in support of ASSE, was unavailable for comment. The ASSE is a smaller union, comprised largely of C


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