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Well, a fall semester that had started with so much promise for so many of Concordia’s teams came to a disappointing and humbling end this weekend. With the Stinger’s football squad getting pummeled by Laval for the second straight weekend they join the list of stellar but not quite stellar enough clubs that failed to take that extra step.

But as I always do, I will take a walk on the bright side of the road in recapping the less than spectacular semester that has been keeping us so busy.

If it hadn’t been for the Ottawa Gee-Gee’s the women’s rugby club probably would have a better record than the three wins and five losses that they finished with. ConU dropped three matches to Ottawa, including their season ending QSSF semi-final match. But there was an upside. What upside? Well, taking into consideration that for more than a couple of years, Sommer Christie was to Concordia Athletics what Shake ‘n Bake is to chicken, the team faired reasonably well in her absence.

The men’s rugby team had a sharp season as they climbed their way back up to a provincial championship level. The men only lost two games in the entire regular season, both at the hands of McGill. Unfortunately when it came to playoff time they got knocked-off in semi-surprising loss to Bishop’s.

It was a rough season of transition for the men’s soccer team, which finished with a record of 3-4-7. That’s right, seven ties. That’s about seven goals away from having a spectacular season. Then again, it’s also seven goals away from having an utterly disastrous season. Either way works.

There’s no need to go too in depth for the women’s soccer team. If you saw last week’s issue you know how highly we think of them and the job that Jorge Sanchez has done with them.


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