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Attention Sociology and Anthropology Student Union Executive,

We are sociology students who are deeply concerned with the ill-planned and questionable fee levy we were asked to vote on last week. The proposed fee levy is questionable in its ultimate purpose, but more importantly the way the fee levy vote was held is deeply mired in inconsistencies warranting great concern. The following are questionable aspects of this fee levy vote we demand answered:

1) No notice was given to sociology students about the fee levy other than an email.

2) No notice or time was given for a no campaign to in a reasonable fashion organize and mobilize students against this fee levy.

3) The polling period originally from Nov.8 the 12th was arbitrarily extended without notice.

4) The same individuals (the executive) promoting the fee levy oversaw the fee levy question voting. No outside or impartial group was involved in overseeing or conducting the vote.

5) SASU did not have access to the list of registered students and attempted in a sloppy fashion to discriminate who is a registered student through sworn declarations of eligibility that undermines the legitimacy of the process.

6) The ballot itself was printed on regular paper and was easy to forge and duplicate.

7) The ballot box was left unattended by election officials in the designated room for hours on end. Only person present was the lounge monitor who was not knowledgeable of the fee levy question nor its implications and could not serve as an impartial monitor of the ballot box.

8) A request of a $1.00 fee levy is an exuberant amount of money that has not been sufficiently justified and no information is available as to where the desired fee levy fees will be spent.

9) We are aware that SASU receives a budget of $4,500 from ASFA and would like justification as to why this amount is not sufficient before proceeding to a fee levy.

10) The SASU executive has refused to provide public documents to SASU members

We the undersigned students demand the executive of SASU answer our ten points of contention by this Friday, November 26th and make available to us a copy of SASU’s constitution.

Looking forward to your speedy response,

Concerned Students:

Toran Lanthier

Amanda Milek

Damon Van Der Linde

Ebyan Bihi


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