Dream comes true for Concordia graduate

“Never be afraid to be a dreamer, you will find the path to your successful journey.” MaryAnn Hayatian, a 25-year-old Montrealer decided to follow her own advice. She proved to herself that dreams really do come true when she recently became a published author.

The Age of Adolescence, a collection of her poems, was released in late September. The poems describe the difficulties of life as a teenager. At the same time, they offer some insight on how to deal with the tough stuff that comes with growing up.

“My poems give advice about life and what can go wrong,” she said during a recent interview.

Hayatian graduated from Concordia in 2000 with a major in art design. She began writing at a very young age. However, she said it really became important to her when she was about 12. The poems she picked for her book were written towards the end of her high school years. Hayatian said this was a very important transition period for her.

Her poems talk about life, love, relationships and sadness. She always hoped her work would get published because she wanted people to connect with her.

“I really wanted people to read about how I felt,” she said.

In the beginning, she sent her work to many places but had no luck. However, she didn’t give up and was finally contacted by a U.S.-based company called PublishAmerica.

You can definitely sympathize with her when you read her poems. They really have the capacity to bring you back in time and make you remember what it was like to be a teenager.

Her words are real and powerful. Hayatian’s poems have the ability to evoke emotion. Her work is inspirational because it delivers a positive message.

Verses filled with hope and optimism permeate the pages of her book. “Courage gives you the open space to try. Patience in every day life makes the story of your biography never run dry” and “Never your journey will end because of sweet faults block your way…Reach out your spirit, you shouldn’t care what they say” are among the most powerful lines.

As for Hayatian’s future plans, she would love to work in the newspaper or the magazine industry. She also hopes to publish children’s book one day.

“You must work hard and have patience. Don’t stop dreaming ’cause dreams will come true,” she said.

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The Age of Adolescence at most bookstores or you can order it online from



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