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The “Happy New Year!” that I send to all of you this week is accompanied by a certain degree of melancholy as, I’m sad to say, this is the beginning of the end. This issue kicks off the last semester of TimeOut as you’ve known it for some time now. With this being my last semester you may be asking yourself: “Will that dork wearing the glasses finally reveal himself to be the self-righteous, egotistical narcissist that we know he really is deep down?” Yeah, I probably will, but hopefully we’ll get to have some fun down the stretch as I’m suddenly feeling liberated in my creative freedom. In any case, before I start sounding too self-involved, let’s get down to business at hand.

Does it really seem fair that we have to wait until Jan. 28 to see the high and mighty Laval Rouge et Or tip-off against our Concordia Stingers basketball teams? Obviously this isn’t hard hitting news, I mean, who am I going to go after? The Canadian Interuniversity Sports schedule makers? But with it being the premiere match-up in the province (sorry Bishop’s – you’re last year’s news makers) we should have at least gotten a taste by now of what will likely be a championship preview. That’s providing, of course, that the Gaiters don’t play spoilers like they did last year.

Fortunately. we’ve been lucky enough to be given hosting honors for a couple of big tournaments that are tiding us over until the big clash later this month. With the Concordia Reebok Tournament for women’s basketball that took place this past weekend and the Theresa Humes Tournament for women’s hockey beginning this Friday, we’re getting to see some of the highly competitive action that’s going to make Loyola one of the most exciting places to be this winter.

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