time OUT

There’s nothing like going on a three hour drive to Quebec City. I did last Friday, to watch the Stingers take on my beloved Laval Rouge et Or. Despite the fact that we lost both games (being the second time that this has happened with yours truly in attendance, suspicion is beginning to rise that I might be some form of bad luck charm), I couldn’t prevent myself from being at least modestly entertained by the grand spectacle that encompasses basketball games at the PEPS.

We’re not talking about fireworks here, and it’s not like I would trade in the comfort of the Loyola Gym for anything; but one has to give the Laval athletics department some credit; they know how to throw a party. There’s the uncontrollable and unbelievably annoying Rouge et Or mascot, who’s likely to injure players from the opposing team if they’re not paying attention, or is just as liable to bust your camera when you’re trying to take pictures. Over here, we’ve got Buzz. The giant bee is a great mascot for the family environment that is encouraged at our sporting events, and the kids love him. Laval’s mascot would be better suited cheering on the Duke Blue Devils, and would be loved and adored by every intoxicated fan from the freshman to the seniors.

Then there’s the hobbit-resembling giveaway guy that runs around in blue shorts and jersey, whipping a wide array of souvenirs into the crowd. While this guy often acts like he’s just chugged a case of Red Bull, it’s nothing compared to the manner in which the spectators fight it out for the booty being dolled out to them. So what’s the point? Laval is a nice place to visit…you know the rest.


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