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It’s true that I, at times, tend to place an awful lot of significance on the Laval – Concordia rivalry in varsity sports. I hate them with a passion and wouldn’t be sad to see their sports complex swallowed up by a gaping hellmouth.

That having been said, after three and a half years, I still have certain affection for the McGill Redmen/Martlets. I hate them too, just without that crazy hellmouth part.

“Cross-town rival” is a term that has become positively gag-worthy for anyone who has followed Montreal university sports for more than a two month period. It’s overused, bland and predictable…but damn, we got us some good cross-town rival action coming up this weekend

Actually, to be quite frank, it probably means a heck of a lot more to the McGill faithful. We’re hosting both basketball teams (men – 4 p.m., women – 6 p.m.) and neither one of them should be able to hold a candle to either of our teams. Both our teams are ranked in the CIS top 10, and theirs barely qualify as worthy competition for that kind of rep. Then again, stranger things have happened.

The point is, they get to come to our gym and heckle us, all while we beat them into a sound submission. Unfortunately, the competition is somewhat lackluster and I would happily trade in games against McGill for Bishop’s.

However, if you want to see the weekend’s marquee match-up, you’ll have to climb the hill up to McGill’s McConnell Arena to check out some men’s hockey action. These teams are currently in a tie for second spot in the OUA conference and are in hot pursuit of the first-place UQTR Patriotes.

McGill aside, there will also be a dandy of a women’s hockey game taking place on Saturday against St.FX.

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