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Xydous should apologize for actions not the CSU

Dear Editor,

I was shocked but not surprised to recently read the Link headline claiming that the CSU violated their hiring agreement with their employees’ union. I wasn’t surprised, though, to see Christina Xydous at the helm of this so called controversy.

Xydous, as it’s well known was a member of the CSU slate that stole nearly $200 thousand from students five years ago. Since then she’s gone out of her way to take advantage of student trust and apathy, attempting to be a thorn in the side of hard working student governments because of her fundamental dislike for their approach at being representative of the entire student population.

In her quest to sabotage successive CSU representatives, Xydous has misused her position as CUPE 4521 President to make the CSU Executive look bad.

Rather then sincerely advocate on behalf of CSU employees and bring forward legitimate concerns to their employer (the CSU Executive), she has used every opportunity at her disposal to make the CSU look bad, including manufacturing grievances.

Xydous has now turned CUPE 4512 into her own personal fan club, spending its

money to produce stickers and other paraphenelia to advocate on her own behalf.

Do students really want unelected and unaccountable employees, who were hired by past CSU Executives that have been thoroughly discredited, (ACCESS, CanDO, etc.) eating up student money and making a mockery of our student government?

Xydous got herself into this mess by releasing a ridiculous press release claiming the CSU Executive had misappropriated funds, when such was clearly not the case. The press release was not sanctioned by the employees she, supposedly, represents and it contained a number of out-right lies about the CSU’s finances.

The only possible reason for the circulation of such a press release is to make the CSU look bad, as its contents did not deal, in the slightest sense, with the working conditions of the employees Xydous claims to represent.

Now, we learn that Xydous wants an apology from our union. Well, I think an apology is in order, but it should be from Xydous to our union and to all students.

David Kogut

False sympathy for Xydous

Dear Editor,

Over the past two weeks I’ve read a number of letters to the editor supportive of reinstating Christina Xydous, who was recently suspended from her position as coordinator of the CSU’s Housing and Job Bank for lying about CSU Executives misappropriating student funds. Unfortunately, the individuals submitting these letters (most of whom aren’t even students) have consistently and purposely failed to take into consideration the actual reason for Xydous’s suspension and instead have peppered readers with personal stories about their relationship with her in an effort to deceive readers and manufacture unwarranted sympathy for her.

Xydous was not suspended from her position for fulfilling her mandate as union President of the CSU’s staff, no matter how hard some Link letter writers try to convince people is the case. It’s absolutely ridiculous to overlook the fact that Xydous, along with CSU Councilor Tom Price, held a press conference to denounce the CSU for stealing $21 thousand of student money without even making an appointment with the CSU’s VP-Finance to go over our union’s finances. Even more ridiculous is the fact that Xydous refuses to divulge or explain where the $21 thousand figure came from… in effect, she’s admitting that she randomly made it up.

I find it appalling that Xydous wants to be reinstated and receive an apology. An apology is certainly in order, but it should be from Xydous and Price to Lauren Teblum (the CSU’s VP-Finance) and all Concordia students. Finally, if Xydous and her hardcore blind supporters are so concerned over union busting and “solidarity,” then maybe they should stop using a workers’ union to bust a student union. Xydous shouldn’t be reinstated or apologized to, she doesn’t deserve it and it’s not in accordance with what’s right. It’s time for Xydous and company to stop “busting” the truth.

Andrea Urman

The truth about Xydous

Dear Editor,

Over the past two weeks I have read quite a number of letters in support of reinstating Christina Xydous based upon the notions that unions are good, being suspended is bad and being suspended without money is worse.

Ahh, if only life were that simple! But, alas, irritating little aspects, such as the reason she was suspended, not only figure in but are essential in understanding why this was done.

The articles claim that Xydous should not be punished for being “critical” of the Union. I agree, but Xydous was not just critical. She, along with Councilor Thomas Price held a press conference and issued a press release accusing the CSU of having a $21 thousand slush fund in addition to the executives granting themselves an exorbitant bonus, all without a stitch of actual proof.

The legal term for baseless and damaging verbal falsities such as these is “slander” and the written form is called “libel.” By not providing proof for her claims, Xydous and Price’s actions, not only potentially fall into the above categories, but as such, they can be the prelude to *gasp* legal actions.

The CSU Executive had a five-day window within which to react to Xydous’s actions, and was advised to summarily dismiss her. Feeling that this reaction would be too harsh, they opted to suspend her without pay for two months.

Is it good to be suspended without pay? No. Is it acceptable to make slanderous and libelous statements without repercussions? Absolutely not.

So, please, let us not confuse emotion with fact. It is time to reinstate the truth.

Alyssa Blank
Arts & Science Councilor


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