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ASFA candidates seek out your support

by Archives February 16, 2005

Well, it’s that time of year again… it’s time to vote for your Arts & Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) executive. ASFA is an incredible organization and, since its inception three years ago, has played a vital role in contributing to student life at Concordia and providing art’s & science students with an excellent way to get involved and make a positive impact on campus. I’m running for the VP-External position of ASFA because I strongly believe that it will provide me with an excellent opportunity to help build ASFA and improve it’s ability to advocate on behalf of all Concordia arts & science students and I believe it will provide me with an excellent opportunity to make a positive contribution to student life at Concordia and, particularly, at our Loyola campus (where I spend most of my time).

This year, I’ve had the incredible privilege of representing arts & science students on the Concordia Student Union’s (CSU) Council of Representatives and the experience has been tremendously rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with other arts & science student leaders and contribute to improving student life on campus.

I’ve also been incredibly involved with ASFA this year. I participated in ASFA’s frosh, have helped organize and attended ASFA’s events, and am completely aware and ready to deal with of all the problems and issues that ASFA currently faces. I plan to work with the rest of ASFA’s executive to ensure that all arts & science associations have proper budgets and space and that ASFA plays a key role in ensuring that education remains accessible in Quebec. I also plan to work to ensure that Concordia’s fantastic athletics program is properly promoted to arts & science students and that ASFA organizes more educational lectures, events, and conferences. Finally, I plan to ensure that ASFA becomes accredited so that it can better serve the needs of all arts & science students.

I encourage all ASFA members to vote this week (Feb. 14-15-16). Voting only takes a minute or two and really makes a difference. I hope to see you all at the polls this week and I look forward to your support.

Allison Turner
ASFA VP-External Candidate
CSU Councilor

In the upcoming Arts & Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) election, arts and science students will have the opportunity to select their next executive.

Since its creation several years ago, ASFA has played an extremely important role on campus and has provided arts and science students with the voice they desperately needed.

Over the past two years here at Concordia I’ve tried to be an active student by attending different functions and events, as well playing Football for the Concordia Stingers, and my involvement has given me the opportunity to meet different people from all walks of life. I’m trying to improve myself and the school by running for the ASFA position of VP Communications. In my previous educational institution, I was part of such a student association where we tried to enhance school life and spirit, and I hope to be a part of this association here at Concordia.

One of my main priorities as a student leader is to ensure that education remains accessible in Quebec and that the current Liberal government reinvest massively into education. I also plan to work hard to promote Concordia’s amazing athletics program, which I’ve had the privilege of being a part of, to all arts and science students. I plan to help ASFA run more educational conferences and events as these have been lacking in the past. Finally, and most importantly, I plan to ensure ASFA gets accredited and that the arts and science associations under ASFA receive bigger budgets and an appropriate level of space and resources so they can properly represent the students they represent.

I am very excited at the prospect of working within ASFA and with other arts and science students, and am looking forward to having the opportunity to make Concordia a more simple and enjoyable place to be for all students. I encourage all arts and science students to go out and vote on February 14th, 15th or 16th to ensure that your voice is heard, and I look forward to your support.

Devendra Maharajh
Concordia Stingers
ASFA VP Communications Candidate

On February 14th, 15th and 16th I hope to see students going out in droves to vote in the Arts & Science Federation of Association (ASFA) elections.

Participating in ASFA’s 2004 Frosh gave me an early taste of the positive impact this organization can have on the student body. Since then I’ve attended and helped organize a number of ASFA’s events. Working with the current ASFA executive and actively participating in ASFA throughout the year has given me the privilege to meet many arts and science students and learn about their concerns and interests. Next year I’m hoping to play a more extensive role in ASFA, which is why I’m currently running for the position of VP Academic as I believe this will provide me with an excellent opportunity to contribute to student life in a positive way at Concordia, and will allow me to play a central role in defending the academic rights of arts and science students.

As VP Academic I will work hard to fight against tuition hikes and ensure that education remains as accessible to students as possible. I will also work to ensure that the university does not privatize tuition for international students in the arts and science faculty. I also plan to accredit ASFA and will pursue the current VP Academic’s project of introducing a law school to Concordia. Other prospective projects that I’m interested in pursuing include planning more educational events, modifying the university’s current policy on general education course requirements, and making sure there are websites for every offered course.

In my role as an ASFA VP, I will not only make myself available to students for their feedback, I will also actively seek out their advice since ASFA’s success depends on an active student body. I think it’s important to maintain the integrity of ASFA as a transparent, representative, and non-partisan federation for all arts and science associations and students.

By working closely with the rest of the ASFA Executive, the student associations and other students, I’m confident that I can be an advocate for the interests of all arts and science students. I encourage everyone to exercise their democratic rights by voting this week and look forward to your support!

Cassandra Porter
Liberal Arts/Political Science
ASFA VP Academic Candidate

In the upcoming Arts & Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) election, students will be provided with the important opportunity of selecting their ASFA representatives for the upcoming academic year.

Over the last year I’ve seen firsthand how ASFA can positively contribute to student life at Concordia and how ASFA can act strongly on behalf of all arts and science students to further their interests. I’ve been involved with ASFA all year and have helped organize and plan a number of events. I’ve seen how ASFA can make a difference on campus and I’m looking forward to taking on more responsibilities next year which is why I’m currently running for the position of ASFA VP Internal. I’m particularly interested in helping ASFA associations become as active as possible and in making their lives as simple as possible.

As a former exchange student in Norway and volunteer in Eritrea, I look forward to helping ensure that the Concordia University Volunteer Abroad Program gets off of the ground and is successful. Having worked this year for the Concordia Student Union as their chief electoral officer, I had the privilege of working with a very strong and supportive team and we ensured that CSU’s annual by-election went smoothly, was run fairly, and received the highest voter turnout ever. Working with such a team has prepared me for ASFA, which can only be successful if everyone involved works together as a team.

I am confident that, if elected, I will be an effective representative, willing to lobby for the issues that Arts and Science students feel strongly about. ASFA is an organization that seeks to promote education, integration among faculties and is in place to make life as simple and enjoyable as possible for students. Concordia has provided me with many great opportunities and my biggest goal next year will be to ensure that ASFA reaches as many students as possible by holding larger events that will attract students from all disciplines. I hope to see you all at the polls and I look forward to your support.

Mark Small
Political Science
ASFA VP Internal Candidate

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