Radio reaches new group of DJs

If you’ve ever tuned into CKUT 90.3 on the FM dial, chances are you’ve heard the XX files, a radio segment on the role of technology in women’s lives. The show is an offshoot project among a plethora from Studio XX, a Montreal based digital arts studio that offers everything from intro to web design to public displays of modern art technology.

Staying true to this theme, the studio has recently launched a radio production course with the goal of having students create a documentary that could eventually be aired.

Freelance radio artist Chantal Dumas, who is spearheading the project, says the idea was to unite women and allow them to examine how technology is wired to their lives.

“There is a topic, which is ‘what is the place of technology in your life?’-this is the question we will work around with the team.”

Although the students are beginning with little radio savvy, this will not be the case after weeks of instruction from Dumas, their expert resource.

“The project [will] go through a documentary, which means how to do an interview, how to manipulate the equipment…[and] how to think about a documentary in terms of sound, of content and people you meet,” says Dumas.

For aspiring radio artists Erica Taddeo and Esther Viragh, the only C

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