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Super Bowl Preview

By Archives February 2, 2005

Howdy y’all, and welcome to Jacksonville fellow freedom lovers. From the swamps of Florida we bring to you this year’s Super Bowl, which promises to be as ostentatious and over hyped as years’ previous, no doubt about it. Down on the bayou we do have a saying though – never trust a union boy.

That’s exactly what them’s Patriots are all about, lousy Kennedy lovers. That quarterback of theirs, Tom Brady, runs a tighter ship than Ulysses S. Grant, but by-gum if I ain’t see their casualty at corner, Ty Law, coming back and nipping them in the behind. Corey Dillon is the leading rusher in these here playoffs, running all over the hapless Colts and Steelers like a Northern boy from Andrew Jackson, but in Florida the weather’s just peachy, and both teams will have a chance to throw some long bombs.

That brings me to the Eagles. Heck, they play at Lincoln Financial Field, which isn’t a good sign, but these boys sure have been impressive. They said that Donovan McNabb wasn’t nuttin’ but a yella belly, but he whacked them Falcons with his arm and his quick feet.

If Terrell Owens can dance, he’ll bring some spit shine to the ol’ passing game. Donovan’s other passing option, Chad Lewis, will be watching the game from the sidelines. On defence, the Eagles have the least yards-per-game of these playoffs, but the Pats have far and away the most takeaways.

Looks like this year’s Super Bowl might actually be a battle of the two best.


New England Patriots (-7) vs.
Philadelphia Eagles

Erik Leijon
Winner: Pats
Spread: Eagles

Jared Book
Winner: Eagles
Spread: Eagles

Justin Way
Winner: Eagles
Spread: Eagles