Who will be the big winner at this year’s Academy Awards?

On Sunday, Feb. 27, careers will be made and stars will be born, when the Academy Award winners are announced from that magical podium in the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. Sadly, the Oscars are often about politics, and many times the best films lose to the most popular. As a newspaper staffed by film buffs, we here at The Concordian have decided to take a look at this year’s crop of nominees…

Best Picture

-The Aviator

-Million Dollar Baby

-Finding Neverland



Why on earth was Ray nominated, but not Hotel Rwanda? People seem to ignore the fact that while, yes, Ray was a good film, it is just that…a GOOD film, not a great one. Hotel Rwanda is a GREAT film.

Despite this, Million Dollar Baby should be the film to win. Many people are pulling for The Aviator, but Million Dollar Baby, and even Sideways are simply better films (CB)

I’ll admit that I haven’t seen all the movies, but I can make just as much of an educated guess as the next person. I’m rooting for Million Dollar Baby (MM).

Best Actor

-Don Cheadle:

Hotel Rwanda

-Johnny Depp:

Finding Neverland

– Leonardo DiCaprio:

The Aviator

-Jamie Foxx:


-Clint Eastwood:

Million Dollar Baby

Why the heck wasn’t Paul Giamatti nominated? Jamie Foxx is definitely going to win this one. He gave a GREAT performance in a GOOD movie, and actually transcends the material. Still, I would definitely not be upset if Don Cheadle took home the award for Hotel Rwanda (CB).

I love Johnny Depp (MM).

Best Actress

-Hillary Swank:

Million Dollar Baby

-Annette Bening:

Being Julia

-Catalina Sandino Moreno:

Maria Full of Grace

-Imelda Staunton:

Vera Drake

-Kate Winslet:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Hillary Swank is a lock. She will definitely win, and rightly so (CB).

Swank put on an amazing performance but it’s about time Winslet won an Oscar (MM).

Best Supporting Actor

-Clive Owen:


-Morgan Freeman:

Million Dollar Baby

-Thomas Haden Church:


-Alan Alda:

The Aviator

-Jamie Foxx:


This one’s a toss-up between Owen and Freeman, although Owen will probably win. However, if Foxx doesn’t get the nod for best actor, he may get this as a consolation prize (CB).

Morgan Freeman’s character was so boring. Owen will take the trophy (MM).

Best Supporting Actress

-Cate Blanchett:

The Aviator

-Laura Linney:


-Virginia Madsen:


-Sophie Okonedo:

Hotel Rwanda

-Natalie Portman:


Natalie Portman will probably win, although Virginia Madsen’s got a good chance (CB).

Since the Globes are always a good indication of who will snag the Oscar, it will definitely be Portman (MM).

Best Director

-Martin Scorsese:

The Aviator

-Clint Eastwood:

Million Dollar Baby

-Taylor Hackford:


-Alexander Payne:


-Mike Leigh:

Vera Drake

Scorsese will likely win for The Aviator because he’s never won before, but Eastwood definitely deserves the award. Scorsese should have won way back in ’80 for Raging Bull, and again in ’90 for Good’fellas (I still can’t believe Kevin Costner won that year for Dances With Wolves) (CB).

Million Dollar Baby changed my life. Eastwood deserves the Oscar (MM).

Don’t miss the Oscars on Feb. 27 to see if our predictions come true.


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