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by Archives February 2, 2005

Xydous’ absurd accusations

I was quite disturbed by the accusations that are currently being thrown around by Christina Xydous and her friends about the CSU executive. Xydous (and CSU Councilor Tom Price) lied about the CSU, which is her employer, in a recent press release which was distributed to student media around campus.

She didn’t tell CUPE 4512 members that she was going to do it in advance and let them vote on it, so she could not have democratically been acting on their behalf. What Xydous did was wrong, plain and simple, and the issue itself is extremely simple; Xydous made libelous statements about the CSU’s finances and then when she was disciplined for her irresponsible (and potentially illegal actions) she tried to spin the issue and convince people that the CSU was engaging in union busting, which is absurd.

I understand why she launched a coordinated propaganda campaign against the CSU, though. For the first time in a long time the CSU is focused on issues that really effect students like Financial Aid and International Students Tuition.

The CSU’s events are ridiculously popular; they even threw the biggest orientation event ever at Concordia. I get why Evolution’s few remaining political adversaries are trying to drag them down with manufactured and convoluted issues and why they’re working overtime to try and manipulate public student opinion.

Evolution is just too good and in politics; the better your performance, the bigger and more ridiculous the opposition’s lies will be.

Carla Garcia
Political Science

Xydous propaganda offensive ridiculous

From the first moments of Christina Xydous’ propaganda offensive against our democratically elected student union, it was apparent that her pronouncements lacked credibility. It seems that Xydous is capable of doing anything…in order to advance her political goals, and running CUPE 4512 (the CSU’s staff union) in an undemocratic manner doesn’t seem to be above her. Xydous unilaterally took minor complaints against the CSU executive public, and mixed them with ridiculous libelous statements about the CSU’s financial standing and then used fear to keep the CSU’s staff quiet and in line.

When it was quickly discovered that her claims against the CSU executive were false, she refused to divulge her source regarding the CSU’s alleged financial mismanagement and refused to apologize. Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? Xydous took unilateral steps without the consent of union members, refused to admit wrongdoing on any level after it was proven that the intelligence she used was flawed, and then not only refused to apologize but persisted in her position. She then changed her tune completely and advanced a narration of “union-busting,” which makes no sense because saying that she lied about the CSU’s finances to protect the rights of the CSU’s employees makes no sense.

We’ll have to see what exactly the propaganda impact of Xydous’ coordinated offensive is, but looking at the few misinformed letters that have appeared in the Link (mostly written by non-students or recent graduates who were part of past unrepresentative CSU’s, the impact will probably be pretty minimal and inconsequential.

Benoit Bertrand
Political Science

Poetry and the Pub
Review of CASE’s Open Mic

With the portraits of Irish literary giants like James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and Oscar Wilde looking on from the Pub’s walls, one could have felt intimidated. But CASE’s (Concordia Association for Students in English) first open mic. of 2005 at the Old Dublin Pub on January 27th was all about taking it easy and supporting local talent.

The evening may have started slowly – most probably because of the cold weather – but soon enough, the second floor of Montreal’s oldest Irish Pub was bustling with admirers of the English spoken word, students and faculty members alike.

The evening was not limited only to poetry; many other forms of artistic expression were present: theatre, music, prose, and yes even stand up comedy. To make the prospect of performing in front of rowdy English students even more appealing, there were raffles for prizes and free beers offered to the first performers who signed up. As the beer taps and wine carafes flowed into the evening, the audience got louder and the performers seemingly became more profound, and thus a great time was had by all.

The next time CASE has an open mic., don’t worry if you don’t have anything to read out loud. If you appreciate creative expression, the company of like-minded folks, and a fine Irish Ale – then this event will be just the thing to tickle your fancy.

Gregory Santos

Darfur panel discussion next week
Thursday, Feb 10, 6-8 PM

“The Crisis in Sudan/Darfur: Reports from the Front Lines,” (100,000 killed, 1.5 million refugees and displaced) will be a photographically illustrated panel discussion sponsored by the School of Community and Public Affairs, the McGill Refugee Research Project, and the Concordia-UQAM Chair in Ethnic Studies. Place: Bronfman Bldg, Coincordia U., 1590 Dr. Penfield (Corner Cote-des-Neiges).

Speakers will be field workers from Medecins Sans Frontiers and a faaculty member from the Concordia Political Science Dept. Free Admission. Information: (514) 484-6523.

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